I recently had the opportunity to participate in the Campbell’s Summer of Super Grains contest. Basically the idea is to put together a dish which prominently features a SUPER SUMMER GRAIN using Campbell’s soup or broth. I didn’t have a lot of time to think about what I was going to make and submit it before the deadline, so I just decided to “recreate” one of the 6 recipes suggested on the Facebook page: the “Farro Caprese Salad”. Just to give it a wee bit of originality, I gave it a half-assed twist by substituting quinoa instead of using farro.

This is my awesome submission photo:


What makes this worthwhile, you ask? Why, the grand prize of course, which consists of:

      • One $1,000 (CAD) cheque;

      • Fifty 900 mL cartons of Campbell’s No Salt Added Vegetable Broth;

      • One Campbell’s branded tote bag;

      • One Campbell’s branded tea towel;

      • One Campbell’s branded apron.


Here are some of the amazing things I would do with fifty cartons of broth:

       make a giant pot of gourmet soup for a homeless shelter and donate an additional 25 cartons of broth (aren’t I awesome?).

       drop a few pounds of chicken bones into the vegetable broth and make chicken broth! In other words, TASTY broth.

       give a few cartons to my foodie friends who acknowledge my greatness.


Doesn’t that sound great? I just needed a bunch of people to go online and vote for my photo submission, to which I provided a link on my Facebook page. However, the awesomeness of my photo seems to have clouded everyone’s judgement—rather than actually voting, most people merely “liked” the photo or made comments like “OMG! Looks super yummy! Hope you win!”


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