Make me some SAMMICHES!!

There’s just something about a meal wrapped in bread that keeps people coming back – if you’re a normal human being, you get the occasional craving for a sandwich. If you don’t, then what the hell is wrong with you? Seriously, get some help. One great place in Toronto where you non-sandwich eaters can obtain this much-needed therapy is the Clubhouse Sandwich Shop. Follow Clubhouse on twitter for updates on some specials!


The Clubhouse caters to a variety of people at its College and Spadina location, but mainly hungry students who are sick and tired of Subway slop. Master sandwich ninja chef Doan Nguyen (say Dwahn Ngwee-yen. . or Ngoo-yen. . Noo-yin.? Forget it, just Dwahn) makes every sandwich fresh to order and uses top-notch ingredients. Some popular selections from the menu are shown below.



Beer battered halibut
Doan’s homemade beer battered halibut is made with house tartar sauce, smoky mayo, lettuce and tomatoes. Get it with an order of his fresh-cut fries (soaked in salt water, dried overnight, fried in peanut oil, dried again, then fried in peanut oil AGAIN—just heavenly) for a great fish ‘n chips experience.




Grilled flank steak – Braised red cabbage, cashew pesto & “Carlos” spiced trail mix (in case you’re wondering, Carlos is chained up in the back of the store – he’s the one cutting potatos for your fries).



Marinated grilled pork chop is marinated overnight and sizzles on the grill until juicy doneness. It is topped with pork cracklin’ (I don’t know what that is, but it’s great), herb aioli and smothered in sweet carmelized onion spread.



Smoked chicken
My personal favourite is chicken smoked for 6 hours on low. I’m all about textures when eating – this godly creation incorporates the crispiness of the pork cracklin’ and deep fried avocado pieces combined with the pickled chili mop sauce and smoky chicken.



Basil Marinated Fried Tomato
The best vegetarian sandwich I’ve come across. Okay, fine: the ONLY good vegetarian sandwich I’ve come across. How could even the most ardent meat lover not enjoy roasted eggplant & creamy avocado spread, goat cheese, arugula and red onions with the crispy fried tomato? I usually feel sorry for vegetarians, but this time is an exception.



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