Holy guacamole, Batman! Everything tastes better wrapped in bacon. . . Even avocados.

Recently, a friend suggested (actually, demanded) that I participate in a contest on Appehtite. It’s a brand new Canadian social food site for foodies (get it? App-“eh”-tite? No? Don’t worry, it’s not worth getting). Basically, the only rule is that you GOTTA USE BACON. My recipe is posted here. The prize: one year’s supply of Maple Leaf bacon! BACON! BACON! BACON! I’m just not too sure how they determine how much bacon makes one year’s supply. . . What if I use it all up in a month? Do I get another truckload delivered to my front door? Or do they just give me a Platinum Bacon Club Member card that I can use at any fine grocer to grab some salty strips of pig whenever I feel like it? The only way to find out is to crush my opponents.

What would I do with free bacon for a whole year?

–     grind it up and make bacon-burger patties
–     blend it into bacon smoothies
–     bacon pie (you know you wanna try it)
–     have bacon themed parties, as suggested (actually, demanded) by my friend
–     make plates out of bacon – after breakfast, clean up by eating your plate
–     bacon frisbees – now you have a reason to catch it with your mouth

Take a look at my contest entry below:


Prep Time: 10 minutes                   Total Time: 15 mins                   Servings: 4


5 strips of bacon, cooked and crumbled
2 large avocados, mashed
1 lime, juice
1 roma tomato
2 tbsp red onion, diced
3 tbsp cilantro, loosely chopped
salt and pepper to taste


Cook the bacon until crispy and drain the oil with paper towel. Roughly chop. Mix everything together. Serve with tortilla chips!


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