How to make the most of an ice storm

Unless you’ve been living in a cave on Mars with potatoes stuffed in your ears, you’ve likely heard about a certain recent ice storm which covered large parts of Canada and the US with an inch or more of ice. As a result, a lot of power lines were taken out by falling branches, leaving people such as myself without power for. . . . a long time. I’m so cold. . . .

Anyways, the gas was still working (my condolences to those of you with electric stoves!), so I was able to make myself a nice little breakfast last Monday when my workplace announced that they too did not have power (Hooray!!). I racked my brain for about 2 seconds to try and think of a good way to make a tasty morning meal while using up some of the many ingredients in my refrigerator that would otherwise soon be spoiled. One word echoed in my head: OMELETTE. Oh yeah.

I found cooked crispy bacon, tomatoes, green onions, eggs and of course, and cheese that was already shredded. Step One….make the damn omelette (seriously, you all know how to make an omelette!).

Here are some pictures for inspiration.





…..Best natural disaster EVER!





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