Rice to see you! #TheRiceWay

I recently received an email to participate in a USA Rice recipe project called #TheRiceWay. It seems they saw this blog and thought that I would be a good candidate. . . Can you say “EEEEEEEE!!!” #I’mAwesome. Special thanks to the USA Rice Federation for sending me the gift card to purchase fresh ingredients including USA-grown rice!


I like to cook rice with my Chinese flower-patterned rice cooker (ask anyone Chinese: it’s not a good rice cooker unless it has flower prints on the side). I was originally going to cook the rice on the stove and sauté it for a bit with the olive oil and onions but my rumbling tummy told me to take a short cut. . . i.e., the rice cooker. While it was cooking, I was free to focus on doing other preparations such as arranging the ingredients in order to take gorgeous photos for this post.


I chose to make these Mexican-style stuffed peppers. Click here for the recipe. Your friends will love how colourful they are (I guarantee they will take pictures), and then they’ll get an extra surprise when they finally dig in: they taste great too! I experimented with a blend of different kinds of American-grown rice – white, brown, red, long-grain, short-grain, Condoleezza, etc.





Rose Reisman offers an instructional video below on brown rice pilaf and shows us the versatility of brown rice.


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