Come kick back at Fffffffffffffryes Beach, mon!

I recently spent a week on the Caribbean island of Antigua with gorgeous, intelligent, witty, charming, stallion (he wrote that part). During our stay, a coworker of mine and his wife (who, coincidentally, ended up at the same resort AT THE SAME TIME) asked us if we were interested in a full day tour of the island. Of course we agreed, and a bumpy car ride ensued.

Our shuttle driver, Max, took us off the main road on the south coast of the island to a quiet, picturesque beach called Ffryes Beach (that’s not a typo). We struggled up a steep little hill to what appeared to be somebody’s house, but was actually a nice little restaurant called Dennis Cocktail Bar & Restaurant. We were treated to a great view of the beach and surrounding hills while we ordered our drinks and food.


The menu wasn’t huge, but had a decent variety of local and international dishes. Curried goat served with pickled cabbage was currylicious, especially with some of the most popular local condiment, Susie’s Hot Sauce. According to the label, this stuff won the prestigious Golden Chili Award. I’ll take their word for it.


Grilled shrimp in my salad was seasoned well and very tasty. They kept it real by offering up some store-bought zesty Italian dressing.


The restaurant gave us generous portions at good prices. . . . If we go back to Antigua, we’ll definitely go back for another bite here! The view is worth the bumpy car ride.



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