Making sexy food from a sexy cookbook written by a sexy chef

A few months ago, my friend and cooking buddy Christine had the pleasure of working with handsome celebrity chef Curtis Stone (now that’s a HOTlink, AMIRITE?). Shortly before this was scheduled to happen, my birthday happened to fall on the release day of his cookbook called What’s for Dinner?.  Seeing an opportunity to suck up to two celebrity chefs at the same (hint: one of them is me), Christine thought “What an awesome gift!” Although she had mentioned to me that he was coming to her workplace, I didn’t clue in when she gave me the present. Because of a habit I picked up in high school English class, I flipped through the pages from back to front, where I finally discovered with unabashed joy Mr. Stone’s signature and birthday memo – OMG right?! See below!

DSC_0521Caption: Even his handwriting is hot. . . .

Using this cookbook as a guide, Christine and I decided to make 2 dishes one sunny Sunday afternoon: a mouthwatering appetizer paired with a main course. We got a little bit crazy with the appetizer by combining two different recipes resulting in seared scallops with mushroom ragout. For the main course, we chose to make a halibut and spinach with orange-pine nut vinaigrette. The book is designed to showcase recipes while stimulating the flow of creative juices (mmmmm. . . . juicy creativity. . . .) and allowing you to try making something new. Prep time was minimal, and the actual cooking took no longer than 15 minutes for each recipe. The only thing that took a long time was the photoshoot for the mise en place and the finished dish. Here are a few pictures of our cooking adventure!





Stone’s book is designed for a busy life and is divided into 7 categories:
Motivating Mondays (I could sure use some motivation on Monday)
Time-Saving Tuesdays (More time to watch the Food Network!)
One-Pot Wednesdays (Does that include the pot I stand on to see the stovetop?)
Thrifty Thursdays (You need to save money for Saturday)
Five-Ingredient Fridays (Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, and. . . . LOVE!)
Dinner Party Saturdays (THIS is why you were so cheap on Thursday)
Family Supper Sundays (Save a spot for Jesus!)

There are no boundaries in cooking! This book is good for cooks of all skill levels. Instructions are easy to follow, there’s lots of variety and something for everyone!

Check out this video for Curtis Stone’s book launch in Sydney, Australia.


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