Tips for food photography


  1. Use natural light – plan your food shots around good weather and take advantage of the natural light during the day.
  2. Don’t use flash – It is much harder to take pictures indoor using kitchen lights/lamps. It distorts the colors and the ambiance of the setting.
  3. Colour coordinate – purchase fabric that gives texture.
  4. Fresh ingredients – pick fresh ingredients for the photos and add micro-greens as a garnish for a nice touch.
  5. Add oil – use a brush and dab some oil on the protein for a glistening photo.
  6. Plating – make sure the presentation plate is sparkling clean! Practice on a side plate first so the presentation plate doesn’t get dirty. If you have sauce to go with the dish, test the consistency of the sauce by placing a bit of sauce on a plate and tilt the plate so it is not too runny.
  7. Camera angles – use a variety of camera angles to capture the best shots. Don’t be afraid to take too many shots. (see below!)

Keep it simple and have fun with your photos!


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