One of my favourite things to do in the summertime is to burn juicy slabs of animal meat over a flame. That’s right: BARBECUE. Many people tend to think that barbecuing is a man’s job, but this is one sport where I can play in the same league as the boys! Never mind the Hello Kitty apron, nothing satisfies me more than seeing those sweet, sweet sear marks criss-crossing a juicy hunk of steak. I do like to add my own touch of elegance, however – located a few steps from my grill is my very own little herb garden.


Don’t let its quaint appearance fool you: these little plants add a whole new dimension to any charbroiled delicacy, whether it be lemon herb chicken kabobs, rosemary lamb chops, or baby red potatoes with fresh thyme.

This is what I have growing this year – curly and flat leaf parsley, oregano, thyme, basil, rosemary:


Even when I’m not cooking outdoors, it’s still nice to take a quick step outside when you need fresh herbs as seasoning or a garnish. At work I’ve I’ve built a reputation as “that girl who gives you herbs when needed.” It’s like a charity! Except that I often get different herbs back in exchange. . . So I guess it’s really not a charity. More of an herb swap.

Click here for some tips and video from Frank Ferragine on the best and easiest herbs to grow at home!

Do you have a favourite herb?

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