Refuel with a green smoothie

My good friend Jamie introduced me to the world of green smoothies last year. It has now been a habit of mine almost everyday. It is quick and easy to make. The only equipment you need is a blender (I use a Magic Bullet). I always make sure I have fruits and leafy greens stocked in my fridge at all times! There are no limits to what goes into your green smoothie. This is what we made together one afternoon. More smoothie recipes to come in the next few weeks!

2 cups of organic baby kale
2 cups of water
1 banana
1 ripe mango
1 avocado
2 tbsp chia seeds
1 tbsp hemp seeds
{Serves 2}


Blend baby kale with water until smooth. Next add the remaining ingredients and blend again. Pour into cups and serve.

Enjoy making this energizing drink. It’s a great way to start your day! What do you put in your green smoothies?

Jamie and I follow Simple Green Smoothies blog and Instagram for inspiration.


  1. Pie

    I want to jump on this smoothie trend so bad, especially since I definitely don’t eat enough fruits & veggies, but the colour/texture is just so….ugh, off-putting! 😦 Convert me!

    • addicted2yum

      I’ve transformed a handful of people! Initially, they would take a look at my drink and make a nasty face asking me how I’m able to drink that. The next thing I know, they are making the smoothies every morning. We have open discussions on what we put inside the smoothies and sharing recipes with each other. I love this part!!! The color may not look great, but it tastes fantastic! Come over and we’ll try it together sometime.

  2. quietgirlloudworld

    I LOVE green smoothies, (or rather juices)! I was actually in the middle of juicing one recently when our juicer broke – for good 😦 I’m in the market for a new one. Any suggestions?

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