Behind the scenes @ the Toronto Food Terminal

Ever wonder where Toronto’s fruits and vegetables come from? Despite what you may think, they don’t just grow on trees and from the ground. They come from the Food Terminal! A few millions pounds of fruits and vegetables pass through this magical place daily. The Food Terminal was something I’ve wanted to check out since I was 4 days old, but never could because it’s usually closed to the public. Well, guess what?? It was opened to the public last week for a behind the scenes access! I snapped tons of photos of all the fresh produce. Many of the wholesalers showcasing their products were also selling some items with the proceeds going to charity. Great day for an educational experience!

For more information, check out


Interesting fact: Did you know that commercial tomatoes are picked green and ripened in storage with ethylene? Oh, you did? Then what are you doing reading this blog, Einstein? Shouldn’t you be off somewhere winning a Nobel Prize for curing cancer?


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