I can has food blog?

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my first blog! So why addicted2yum? According to my mom (if you can believe her – I’m not sure if I do), I enjoyed stuffing my face even at a very young age. I wasn’t picky either: I was one of those rare kids that eat everything. “Yummy!” was one of my first words, along with “dada”, “poo poo” and “KitchenAid Mixer”. As a curious toddler, I was always in the kitchen while my mom would prepare meals. More often than not, I was in the way. . . I wanted to help but was not tall enough to reach the counter. After tripping over me several times, she bought me a toy kitchen set to keep me out of the way. The rest was history…

In my early 20’s, I signed up for some cooking classes at a local college in my spare time. I eventually completed 11 classes, thus earning my Culinary Arts certificate. Along the way, I stole my sister’s fancy camera so I could start a collection of food photographs worthy of any Jamie Oliver cook book (that’s right Jamie: I went there). The time has come to unleash this juicy goodness upon you! I look forward to sharing my thoughts, recipes, and foodie adventures with you in addicted2yum!


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